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silicon PNP transistor

Uce/Ucb: -
Ic: -
β (Ic/Ib): -
N: -
F: -
Tmax: -
the MPS9682 is a silicon PNP transistor
Source: Jaeger electronic catalog 1999
Picture: -

similar list for: MPS9682

OEM: unknown oem
Package: TO-92
datasheet (jpg): -
- -
complementary type: -
similar type list: BC557
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note:a similar type is not always a replacement type, please check the application requirements carefully before BC557 is used for replacement (no warranty)


silicon PNP transistor

similar to MPS9682 see note
Uce/Ucb: -45/-50V
Ic: DC/AC -100/-200mA
β (Ic/Ib): 75-800
N: 500mW
F: 200MHz
Tmax: 150°C
the BC557 is a silicon PNP general purpose transistor
marking code: BC557A , BC557B , BC557C
Source: Va Valvo/Philips Bip. Transist...... [more]
Va Valvo/Philips Bip. Transistoren fuer Verstaerker und Schalteranwendungen 1989
Picture: see BC557A BC557B 

similar type: BC557

OEM: Valvo GmbH
Package: SOT54
datasheet (jpg): available
datasheet (pdf): available
complementary type: BC547
similar type list: BC212, BC257, BC307, 2SB725, 2SA1137
similar type search: search similar
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