Common Transistors data tables

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silicon PNP transistor

Uce/Ucb: -80/-80V
Ic: -0.3A
β (Ic/Ib): -
N: -
F: 100MHz
Tmax: -
the B736AR is a silicon PNP transistor, Uce = 80V, Ic = 300mA, applications: general purpose
Source: 2SB736AR
Picture: -
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OEM:Nippon Electric Comp. Ltd. NEC, Japan
Package: SOT23
datasheet (jpg):-
datasheet (pdf):-
complementary type:-
similar type list:BCX42R
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note:a similar type is not always a replacement type, please check the application requirements carefully before BCX42R is used for replacement (no warranty)


silicon PNP transistor

similar to B736AR see note
Uce/Ucb: -125/-125V
Ic: -0.8A
β (Ic/Ib): >30
N: 350mW
F: 100MHz
Tmax: 150°C
the BCX42R is a silicon PNP transistor preferred for use in AF input and driver stages as well as general purpose applications
marking code: DS
Source: SH Datenbuch 1980/81 Transisto...... [more]
SH Datenbuch 1980/81 Transistoren
Picture: -
similar type: BCX42R
OEM:Siemens AG
datasheet (jpg):available
datasheet (pdf):-
complementary type:BCX41R
similar type list:see BCX42R
similar type search:search similar
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