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[Main] Integrated Circuits Discrete Semiconductors

PDF datasheets are available for the following components (select name for download):

Analog Circuits

A1524DAF stereo potentiometer
A1670VDTV vertical deflection
A1818Drecord/playback amplifier
A202Dmic/record/playback amplifier
A210E-K6W AF amplifier
A211D1W AF amplifier
A223DSound IF amplifier
A224DSound IF amplifier
A225DFM IF amplifier/demodulator
A241DTV IF amplifier
A244DAM amplifier
A255DTV horizontal deflection
A273DAF vol. and balance controller
A274DTV treble and bass controller
A281DAM/FM IF amplifier
A283DAM/FM radio
A290DPLL stereo decoder
A2000VDual amplifier
A2005VDual amplifier
A2030HV16W AF amplifier
A3501DVideo combination
A3510DPAL decoder
A3520DSECAM decoder
A4100DAM/FM combination
A4510DPLL stereo decoder
A4511DPLL stereo decoder
A4555DMultistandard decoder
A4565DDelay line
A4580DVideo combination
B3718VCStepper motor driver
B3925DDDisk drive motor processor
U7650DDC-MOS operational amplifier

Digital Circuits

DL8640DCBus receiver
DL8641DCBus receiver/driver
DL75113DCLine driver
DL8638DC8 bit bus driver
U1056DPLL synthesizer
U320C20FCSignal processor
U74HCT00quad nand / 2 input
U74HCT02quad nor / 2 input
U74HCT03quad nand / 2 input
U74HCT046 inverter
U74HCT20dual nand / 4 input
U74HCT21quad and / 2 input
U74HCT32quad or / 2 input
U74HCT74dual D-type flip-flop
U74HCT86quad exor / 2 input
U74HCT138decoder / demultiplexer
U74HCT175quad D-type flip-flop
U74HCT192BCD up/down counter
U74HCT193binary up/down counter
U74HCT2414-bit buffer / driver
U74HCT2424-bit bus-transceiver
U74HCT2434-bit bus-transceiver
U74HCT2458-bit bus-transceiver
U74HCT253dual multiplexer
U74HCT257quad multiplexer
U74HCT3738-bit latch
U74HCT3748-bit D-type flip-flop
U74HCT5338-bit latch
U74HCT5348-bit D-type flip-flop
U804DAnalog memory & D/A converter
U807DCRemote control transmitter
U8609DCserial / parallel / serial converter

µP Circuits


U8060116-bit microprocessor
U80608error correction
U80610D-RAM controller
U80701FC32-bit microprocessor
U82065DC05Peripheral controller
UB8611DC08/1Single chip microprocessor
UB8820MSingle chip microprocessor
UB8821MSingle chip microprocessor
UB8830DSingle chip microprocessor
UB8831DSingle chip microprocessor
UB8840MSingle chip microprocessor
UB8841MSingle chip microprocessor
UB8860DSingle chip microprocessor
UB8861DSingle chip microprocessor
UL8611DC08/1Single chip microprocessor

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