Semiconductor Electronic Information

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OP-Amp DIP-8

35 cent



OP-Amp SO-8

25 cent


TDA2009 (SGS)

2x11W Stereo-Amp.

2,95 €



Analog Circuits

NameTDA2009 (SGS)
A1524DAF stereo potentiometer
A1670VDvertical deflection
A1818Drecord/playback amplifier
A202Dmic/record/playback amplifier
A210E-K6W AF amplifier
A211D1W AF amplifier
A223Dsound IF amplifier
A224Dsound IF amplifier
A225DFM IF amplifier / demodulator
A241DTV IF amplifier
A244DAM amplifier
A255DTV horicontal deflection
A273DAF volume and balance controller
A274DTV treble and bass controller
A281DAM/FM IF amplifier
A283DAM/FM radio
A290DPLL stereo decoder
A2000Vstereo AF amplifier
A2005Vstereo AF amplifier
A2030HV16W AF amplifier
A3501DVideo combination
A3510DPAL decoder
A3520DSECAM decoder
A4100DAM/FM combination
A4510DPLL stereo decoder
A4511DPLL stereo decoder
A4555DMultistandard decoder
A4565Ddelay line
A4580DVideo combination
B3718VCStepper motor driver
B3925DDDisk drive motor processor
U7650DDC-MOS operational amplifier