Semiconductor Naming Convention

namings & letters for discrete semiconductors

Selen - Types
E.. Einzel / single Example: E220C85
M.. Mittelpunkt / midpoint E: Einwegschaltung / single
V.. Verdoppler / duplexer 220: effektive Wechselspannung in V / AC in V
B.. Brücken / bridges C: Kondensatorbelastung / capacitive load
85: zul. Gleichstrombelastung in mA / DC load in mA

Transistors & Diodes up to 1960 in Europe
OA.. Diodes
OAZ.. Z-Diodes
OC.. Transistors
OD.. Power-Transistors
OY.. Rectifiers

Standard Naming Convention regarding to "Associations Internationale Pro Electron", Bruxelles

1. Letter
A.. Germanium Base (0.6..1eV)
B.. Silicon Base (1..1.3eV)
C.. Gallium - Arsenide (>1.3eV)
D.. Indium-Antimonide (<0.6eV)
R.. CdS, PbS ao. for Photo- & Hall-Systems

2. Letter
.A.. Diode .B.. Varicap-Diode
.C.. Nf-Transistor (Rth > 15K/W) .D.. Nf-Powertransistor (Rth < 15K/W)
.E.. Esaki-Diode .F.. Hf-Transistor (Rth > 15K/W)
.H.. Hall-System .K.. Hall-Generator (open)
.L.. Hf-Transistor (Rth < 15K/W) .M.. Hall-Generator (close)
.P.. Photo-Element (Semiconductor) .Q.. Light - Emitting Diode (LED)
.R.. Controlled Rectifier (Rth > 15K/W) .S.. Switching - Transistor (Rth > 15K/W)
.T.. Thyristor (Rth < 15K/W) .U.. Power Switching - Transistor (Rth < 15K/W)
.X.. Multiplier - Diode .Y.. Power - Diode / Power - Rectifier
.Z.. Z- (Reference / Zener) Diode

Diodes Color codes professional types

BAS orange

BAT yellow

BAV lightgreen

BAW lightblue

Ring (1.ring wide on cathode)
0 black 1 brown
2 red 3 orange
4 yellow 5 green
6 blue 7 violet
8 gray 9 white

Diodes Color codes standard types

BA.. 3 color rings, wide ring on cathode, same codes

Namings for US types (JEDEC incomplete)
1. & 2. Letter
1N.. Diode
2N.. Transistor & SCR's
3N.. MOS / FET-Transistor

Diodes Color codes (1N..) types with 2 / 3 and 4 numbers existing

2 numbers, 2 rings for numbers and 1 ring for letter (black stripe)
3 numbers, 3 rings for numbers and 1 ring for letter
4 numbers, 4 rings for numbers and 1 ring for letter

Ring (1.ring wide or dot on cathode)
0 black or letter - 1 brown or letter A
2 red or letter B 3 orange or letter C
4 yellow or letter D 5 green or letter E
6 blue or letter F 7 violet or letter G
8 gray or letter H 9 white or letter J

Namings for Japanese types (incomplete)
1. Letter
1S.. Diode
2S.. Transistor
2. Letter
.A.. Hf,pnp .B.. Nf,pnp
.C.. Hf,npn .D.. Nf,npn
.H.. UJT .J.. P-FET
.K.. N-FET

3. Letter
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